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Our Pest Control Services

Why Should You Use Eco Space Pest Control Services ?

At ECOSPACE, we want to be the partner you can trust. When you choose us, we will deliver our service with quality assurance for your peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise to provide a full range of pest control services to all residential, commercial, F&B, industrial sectors & more in Singapore. We are committed to deliver solutions that are effective, environmentally friendly and to create an unbeatable experience for you while keeping your space safe.

Why Eco Space Pest Management?

Eco Space Pest Management has been providing outstanding and exceptional Pest Control Services Singapore since 2018. The Building and Construction Authority and National Environment Agency have approved for us to carry out professional pest control services that comply with Singapore’s environmental safety regulations.

We are trusted and recognized by our customers from all sectors of society to deliver impressive and efficient pest control solutions. Our friendly experts with over 10 years of experience are more than happy to recommend tailored solutions to resolve each individual’s pest control needs in Singapore. Dedicated to care for your safety, our pest control specialists adopt green and ground-breaking Pest Control Singapore solutions that are proven to work!

How will we help you?


Our pest control specialists will begin with an in-depth investigation of your venue to probe the state of pest infestation. We will advise and outline the necessary Pest Control Services Singapore to pinpoint the infestation source.


Our professional crew will make use of a combination of preventive and corrective approaches to bring the pest infiltration under control. Preventive measures of chemical agents and fumigation will exterminate entire pest populations at the infestation sites. Pest recurrences will be prohibited with corrective improvements to hygiene and building structure. Your living spaces is guaranteed to be well-protected and hassle-free!


Tailored Pest Control Singapore for everyone of any profession. Contact us now!

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