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Our experts engaged in pest control in Singapore started their operations long years back. We are known as the certified service provider and pride themselves in our expertise of pest control service for both residential and commercial properties.

Why go for termite control treatment?

Until severe damages take place, people around don’t lay too much stress on termites. These termites live in a humid, protected and dark place that makes them difficult for a layman to discover their hidden place.

These termites devour their way through the woods from inside, it can be especially challenging for a person to detect the pest infestation but there are few signs which can indicate their presence.

The termites are also called white ants, thus you need a white art control if you are doubtful over the termite infestation. Our expert can best help you in controlling white ants as our main objective is helping customers stay away from the termites and maintains good hygiene.

How can we help?

  • Our termite pest control experts can protect your business and home with their customer-centric approach and customized services.
  • We are trained professional in the business of pest control
  • The chemicals we use are odourless and come with zero side effects.

Our effective termite control treatment is all you need. You can also keep your home and office safe and protected from these pests by taking adequate preventive measures beforehand.

The simple and practical steps taken by our experts for termite pest control can reduce the risk of pest infestation. The changes can also take place easily and will cost you affordable prices as well. We as a reputed pest control company holds the ability to support the customer and their house or office for long years to come.

Identification and treatment of pests

The termites are well-known as silent destroyers and you must never let them destroy your precious place of living. Many times the external termite infestation signs are not visible at the premises; the risk to have pest infestation cannot be easily eliminated during such situations.

A period inspection for pests and white ants can help you save money and can also protect your living space. This gives everyone a complete peace of mind of protecting their properties. You can either opt for a quarterly, half-yearly or annual termite pest control service based on your needs.

Our experts use their experience and knowledge for making the applications for preventing pests. Our expert technicians are trained enough on the selection of materials and material application as well.

Treatment method for subterranean termites will be as follows:

  1. Above Ground Baiting Treatment
  2. Conventional Dusting Treatment
  3. Anti Termite Corrective Treatment (Post – Construction)
  4. Anti Termite Soil Treatment (Pre-Construction)

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