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Anti Termite Treatment

Ants are social insects and live in colonies. Due to their foraging in large numbers, ants are commonly considered as nuisance pest. Ant colony may consist of 4 castes: queen, worker, female and male. Workers are responsible to forage for resources while queen is involved in egg-laying. Female and male ants (ant reproductive) have wings and they are responsible to swarm, mate and establish new colonies. Often ant reproductive are confused with swarming termites but they are distinguished as ant reproductive by having different sized fore and hind wing pairs, while in termites both pairs of wings are the same size.

On the other side, we all mistook that white ants were also ants. But actually, it’s not; they are termites. White Ants Pest Control is not different as compared to any pest control. So, it’s important to identify whether you have an ant or white ant attack.

Right Ant or White Ant Treatment will ensure you get rid of them.

Sign of infestation

(1) Exterior infestation

  • The ant nest outside home such as ant mounds
  • Could also nest in other exterior structures such as doorway crack, exterior siding or decks and roofs that contain rotten wood
  • Create ant trail to your home where they collect food resources and bring it back to the colony
  • Example: Ghost ant and crazy ant

(2) Interior infestation

  • The entire colony of ants establish a nest inside home
  • May build a permanent nest behind walls, near door frames, and inside cabinets
  • Example: Carpenter ant

Cause of ant infestation

  • Food is left in the open
  • Dirty dishes left in kitchen or room

What if not treated on time?

  • Inflamed skin and cramps or headaches due to ant venom (bites)
  • Door frames and cabinets damaged from nests
  • Lawns and gardens damaged from nests
  • Electrical cables damaged by chewing ants

Types of Ant Control Singapore treatment

  • Gel baiting
  • Indoor spraying
  • Garden spraying

Treatment Approach

  • Conduct a thorough visual inspection for ant or White Ant Treatment
  • Identify the ant species and location of the nest
  • Residual chemical spraying / gel baiting on area of infestation
  • Recommendation of sanitation methodology to minimise future re-infestation of relevant ant or White Ants Pest Control

Preventive measure

  • Clean up interior and exterior premises on a regular basis
  • Wash dishes and cooking utensils immediately after use
  • Clean up crumbs and spills right away
  • Store food in thick plastic or metal containers with tight lids
  • Dispose garbage and trashes on a regular basis
  • Seal up cracks and crevices
  • Remove mounds of soil that touch the walls or roofs of the premises

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