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Bed Bugs Control and Treatment

Bed bugs are known as nocturnal blood-sucking insects which have a very characteristics flat and oval-shaped body with no wings. They are reddish-brown in colour. The average length of bed bugs can be between 4 to 7 mm. The tiny size of bed bugs enables them to hide inside small cracks and crevices. The most common species of bed bugs reported in Singapore is Cimex lectularius (Common Bed Bug). Bed bugs are initially attracted to higher amount of carbon dioxide emitted by human during sleep time. When bed bugs are closer to the host, they are attracted by the body heat of the host.

Sign of infestation

  • Blood speckles or blood stains (commonly on bedding and wall)
  • Scattered cast skins and eggs
  • Live adult and nymph
  • Bite sign on host
  • Pungent odour when involved a heavy infestation

Cause of bed bug infestation

  • Through traveling (hotels and public accommodations)
  • Through transportation (bus, train and flight)
  • Through neighbours (interconnected homes)
  • Infected items brought home (second hand furniture)
  • Visitors (Day time visitor / Overnight visitor)

What if not treated on time?

  • Allergies, itching and swelling
  • Anaphylactic shock
  • Insomnia
  • Severe disperse of bed bug from one room to another

Types of Bed Bug Treatment Singapore

  • Heat steaming (Most practical method to kill all bed bugs stages including the eggs.)
  • Vacuuming
  • Residual spraying

Treatment Approach

  • Conduct a thorough visual inspection
  • Identify the species and sources of infestation
  • Conduct vacuuming to remove bed bug
  • Conduct heat steaming to all infested area to kill bed bug & eggs
  • Residual spraying on surrounding area of infestation

Preventive measure

  • Inspect bed before using when staying in the public accommodations
  • Keep luggage closed when they are not in used
  • Keep luggage off the floor and bed when travelling
  • Inspect used furniture before bringing them into home
  • Seal up voids in walls, floors, window frames, and furniture

Did you know that nobody is spared from a bed bug infestation?

Call Eco Space Pest Management for urgent bed bug removal in Singapore today!

Have you ever been woken up by unbearable red and itchy bites in the middle of the night? Or how about the sudden appearance of painful swellings when you wake up? If you have experienced these symptoms before, you might be in danger of a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs tend to bury themselves in small cracks and gaps in residential homes during the day time. These itsy-bitsy creatures are most often found in bedding, furniture and wooden flooring. Remarkably, they can be acquired from external sources such as baggage left in public lodgings, third-party visitors and even from your own clothes worn outdoors.

Bed bugs enjoy feeding on blood from exposed skin surfaces. The higher amounts of carbon dioxide produced by humans during sleep at night draw these insects to their host. The heat and warmth allow these insects to thrive, where the rich and intense human blood allow these pests to spawn very quickly.

These pesky troublemakers are not disease-carriers but can cause unpredictable emotional upset. Bed bug bites can bring about skin irritation and inflammation, which cause problems such as allergies and sleep disruption. Never ignore a bed bug bite as skin infections will break out from excessive scratching and may endanger your life.

Here at Eco Space Pest Management, we provide an all-inclusive Bed Bug Removal Singapore and control solution for your bedroom needs in Singapore. We will begin with a cautious and thorough physical examination of the infestation areas to concentrate our bed bug control efforts accurately. Our professional bed bug removal experts in Singapore will strategize and deploy various treatment approaches, personalized to relieve your unique bed bug problems. Our specialized high-suction bed bug vacuum devices are powerful to exterminate mass bed bug clusters, nymph skin casings and other pest remains in your sleeping spaces. Heat steaming of more than 100°C will diffuse through hidden cracks and openings to permanently wipe out both unborn and matured bed bugs which are not visible to the human eye. Finally, any surviving bed bugs in the neighboring infestation zones are flushed out and purged with highly intense bed bug removal insecticides in Singapore. Rest assured that these chemical agents are non-hazardous so you and your loved ones can have a good night’s rest!

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The cost of bed bug treatment in Singapore depends on various factors, such as the frequency of services, the type of treatment, the size of affected areas, and the severity of the infestation. For more details on the prices, please contact our team directly.

The fastest method for bed bug control in Singapore involves pest control services using heat treatments or pesticides, coupled with thorough cleaning, vacuuming, and washing of contaminated items.

Bed bugs can be identified through key signs such as small bloodstains on your bedding or upholstery, dark excrement or droppings, eggshells, and a sweet, musty odour.