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Pharmaceutical Pest Control

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, pests are a major threat to product safety and regulatory compliance. Your audit and inspection could be impacted if the pests are present in your facility. So, it’s significant to ensure zero tolerance for pests in this industry. The pharmaceutical industry is subjected to strict governance and regulations because it plays a critical role in defining human health.

Presence of Pests Have Serious Consequences:

  • Harms your company’s reputation
  • Lost customers, suppliers, and industry leader’s trust
  • Minimize profits due to production downtime
  • Lost clients, orders, and profits
  • Compensation claim
  • Subject to legal action from regulatory and public health authorities

Preventive Measures You Should Take:

  • Close doors, shutters, and windows to keep flies and birds out. Ensure any structural flaws like cracks and leaks should be repaired to keep rodents and insects out.
  • All pests have three basic requirements food, water and shelter. Placing rubbish bins strategically and maintaining better hygiene will keep the pests out of your premises.
  • You should arrange goods in a proper manner to avoid rodent infestations. Try not to store objects in cardboard boxes since they are quite perfect in cockroach breeding grounds.

Major Pests Included in Pharmaceutical Facilities are:

  • Flying insects
  • Crawling insects
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Stored product insects

Benefits of Taking Professional Help:

  • They identify the accurate pest problem and determine the most effective Pharmaceutical Pest Control treatment.
  • They find the source of the infestation and eliminate it to get rid of the pests completely.
  • Professionals know how to perform the process safely that ensure less damage to your premises.
  • They provide long-term solutions to solve our client’s problems.
  • They protect your health by eliminating your pest problems completely.

Treatment Approach for Pest Control Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Perform a thorough visual inspection.
  • Identify the accurate pest control cause.
  • Residual chemical spraying or gel baiting for infestation.
  • Recommend sanitation methods for future re-infestation of pests.

Did You Know Pests are Harmful to Your Pharma Facility?

Call Eco Space Pest Management for Pharmaceutical Pest Control Service!

The pharmaceutical industry is the most vulnerable sector that depends on pest management companies to protect and maintain the best quality of their products. If you are unable to perform good pest control in your pharma facility, then it can be devastating. That’s why Eco Space specialists do not believe in solving the problem when it is detected. We ensure the complete elimination of pests through prevention.

At Eco Space, we are aware of the strict regulatory requirement of zero tolerance pests in this industry. We have an experience of service in the Pest Control Pharmaceutical Industry that allows us to carry out control with zero tolerance to pests. Our team is highly professional that can detect any indication of the presence of pests in any area of the pharmaceutical industry. We take preventive measures for pest control according to your business specifications.

We guarantee that the problem will be solved at once. We will examine your situation over the phone and precisely provide you with a quote and consultation. The best remedies for your pest problem will be determined after an on-site examination that we will arrange. Our specialist may provide Pest Management services while on-site.

All different kinds of pharmaceutical facilities can use our services. Above all, we guarantee thorough treatment for all pests. Birds, mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, and termite infestation can cause significant losses in pharmaceutical facilities, warehouses, and manufacturing areas.

If you want to make your pharma facility pest-free, get in touch with our team to know more about the service!