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Rodent Control

Three species of rodents was commonly found in Singapore, namely Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat), Rattus rattus (Roof rat) and Mus musculus (House mouse). These rats are omnivorous and will feed on almost anything available to them. Norway rat and Roof rat are large in size, measuring around 250 mm. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Norway rat is that the tail is shorter than the combined length of body and head. Unlike Norway rat, the length of tail of Roof rat is longer than the total length of body and head. House mouse is the smallest in size which is measuring around 65-95 mm.

Sign of infestation

  • Live rats and mice
  • Gnawing damage
  • Presence of rodent dropping
  • Presence of runways
  • Presence of burrows

Cause of rodent infestation

  • Food is left in the open
  • Dirty dishes left in kitchen or room
  • Poor sanitation & housekeeping
  • Exposed trash

What if not treated on time?

  • Disease transmission (Plague, Rat-Bite Fever)
  • Food poisoning cause by contaminated food
  • Severe electrical cables damaged cause by gnawing behaviour of rodent

Types of treatment

  • Baiting
  • Use of traps (Glue board, Cage, IPM Square Trap)

Treatment Approach

  • Initial pest infestation inspection
  • Identify the pest
  • Locate food, water, and sources of harborage sustaining the pest
  • Application of rat poison to all burrows detected exteriorly
  • Placing of traps like glue board and cage
  • Recommendation of sanitation improvement to further prevention of future pest infestation

Preventive measure

  • Clean up interior and exterior premises on a regular basis
  • Deny rodents access to food and water
  • Dispose garbage, trashes and wastes on a regular basis
  • Maintain good housekeeping and seal up any openings to prevent rodents from entering

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